I Fine Thank You... Love You (Review)


lama aku x spend masa untuk my siblings. last week pun sempat balik umah 1 hari je, sangat tkejar-kejar nak siapkan keje...

pastu rasa cam rindu sangat kat family (padahal aku balik umah setiap minggu hokay)

then my sis ajak tengok cite ni I Fine Thank You... Love You
suddenly teringat my coursemate ade cite pasal movie ni. dia cakap best. so aku pun teruja nak tengok.

pegila kami 4 beradik.


 I was so impressed with the leading actress Preechaya Pongthananikorn - who spoke English very well and has a great accent tho, I thought this is one of their strategies to bring this film to the international level---i guess so. She looks absolutely stunning and resembles Korean actress, nice nice

And the leading actor- Sunny Mehta Non Suwan, Oh Emm Gee, he was soooo gorgeous and looks like a Filipino actor- Dingdong Dantes. (but handsome lagi die ni)

even the supporting actors/actress did a good job as well. i  was laughing so hard like a crazy woman,

and at some part I even stood up for a while coz i cant breathe well, goshhh they were just so funny.

i love everything about this movie, it's not about the actor/actress, but the music, the ost for this movie also captured my attention, the cinematography, the quality of video which is superb.
No wonder this movie was sooo famous not only in Thailand, but outside of the country as well =)

congratulations =)

and this is the Ost for this film


best lah!!!

rugi woo xtengok cite, lagi2 klu tengah stres kan,,,memang layan...



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