Sad Wednesday


Nothing to say much...
It's 1st of April
Starting a new month with a gloomy face

In fact, i'm feeling so blue today...definitely an unwelcome obligation!!

Me, neither an expert nor an economist, but from my point of view, they should not implement this GST yet.


okay, if they are undoubtedly saying this tax will boost up our economy, then show us how...

I think, at least

  • give a trial period, so that we can see whether the government could proceed and implement this GST.
  • Wait, lets try to educate us about GST (not merely thru video clip or a full list of GST exempt items or whatsoever), BUT from every aspect such as the banking area, household items, groceries, automotive, business, and in general. so we can understand....(pity those pakcik makcik whose still dont have any idea about this issue)
  • The most important thing is to educate those who are involved in GST implementation. Some of them not really understand and know what are they doing, just following the instruction..urghhh

And when people ask them, wait aa, im also not that sure. if you are not sure, then how about us..more more more confuse!!!

After the trial period, then examine how people react, the good and the bad consequences...

if ok...proceed la
if not ok...try another alternative, or else give us more time to adapt to this new regulation.

I know those who were involved in this issue are brilliant and intelligent, but maybe we are not in the same boat, as they cant feel how "marhaen" people like us are struggling to death to earn a single cent.

government, u know what...???

we are not ready yet....


We are not...

I cant help, I dont want to simply condemn, but at least I provide my ideas to improve in any ways, coz we are suffering...a lot

#how sad

p/s: semalam makan otak2 kena charge extra 50 sen ngan makcik tuh...nmpk sket je 50 sen tp kalau sana sini kena charge..memang rabak la poket kan..bai


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